Graphic Design

Grrraphically Correct
Linda Ruiz-Lozito
email: lozito@sbcglobal. net



KFOG Live from the Archives 17
2010 CD Cover contest

Proceeds benefit Bay Area Food Banks

EPS - vector graphic can be resized


Marines' Memorial Club Card Back of Card Nutcracker design

Marines' Memorial Holiday Card
Design is retouched photo of the entrance of the Hotel / Club in San Francisco

Back of Holiday Card

Draft Design for Holiday Card

Label, Steak Sauce Bottle
Leatherneck Restaurant,
Marines Memorial Club





Silent Auction
Fund-raising Event
EPS - vector graphic
can be resized



Political ad for School Board
(They won)
Illustration in pen & ink
(the kid is based on my son)
scanned & Photoshopp(ed)
added color in Illustrator
Final art is EPS-vector based

  Politcal Ad


Front of 20th Century Card

20th Century Antiques Promo Card

  BAck of 20th Century Card


Cover of UVS Brochure

UVS Outside Panels

Outside of 3 panel spread

UVS Brochure inside panels

Inside of 3 panel spread

Cover of 3 panel brochure    


  Inside 3 panel brochure

Manzanit Brochure cover

3 Panel brochure


Cover of brochure  

Inside panels of brochure

3 Panel brochure


Cover for College Catalog,
Summer Session